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Online Dating - Facing another night of movies with my cat…

Facing another night of movies with my cat, I mustered some courage along with a small bag of self-deprecating humor, and went dancing. I didn’t have anyone to go with. But, sometimes you just have to go anyway. Ok, ok, before you get all hung up on the guy having a cat thing. Yeah, I get it. There really is no excuse for a single guy to have a cat. But, I do have a daughter, and we saved the cat from the Humane Society. Or, maybe the Humane Society saved the cat. But, I’m sure we did something cool by taking her home. is Classy, Tasteful, Respectable, and Professional Online Dating! I can’t believe it’s free!

So, where I live, there really aren't many nightlife choices for singles. A coin toss selected a band called Old Dogs, or Big Dogs, or some kind of dogs, at the local nightlife establishment. Band-wise, I would have to say it was not a lucky toss. But, when life gives you lemons…

Ok, the Dogs are barking, or playing, or chasing their tails. Being the stud I am, I scoped out the room for the most attractive woman and claimed her for my own, dragging her by the hair to the dance floor. Oh wait, that was the guy with the slicked back hair and gold chain. And, the whole dragging by the hair thing was somewhat humorous to watch, at least until the police showed up. I was in the corner of the room, by the door. Well, ok, technically I guess I wasn’t actually in the room. But, I was by the door, peeking in.

I was totally on my singles game, with hair slicked… Oh wait, that was that other guy again. He was pretty hot actually. I mean, if I liked men, which I CLEARLY DO NOT. Ok, that’s settled. I mean there was that one time with a lap dance… But, I have totally got to stick to topic here. Anyway, I’m not into men, really. I was in the corner, peeking in, and some man started talking to me. Nope, I’m still not into men. This guy was cool though and had traveled all over Asia. I got so involved in the conversation, I lost track of time and missed the whole first set of the Barking Dogs. Do you realize you can travel on $15 per day in places in Asia, and still be living it up?

Anyway, he suddenly tells me that a dark-haired lady across the room is going to be money for me tonight. It took me a bit to catch up. But when I did, I realized I was supposed to be, you know, scoping babes, rather than learning about travel in Asia. So, I immediately got back on the old babe scoping game. No! Don’t laugh at me. I hate that! I do have to admit, I was a bit insulted by his selection. But, at least she could talk and I wouldn't have to clean her litter box. So, I thought about it, or maybe I was thinking about how to properly use the word “money” in a sentence, without sounding stupid. But I just couldn’t do it. I have to say, GeeGee, the cat, just plain beat out the dark-haired lady, fair and square, even from home.

In a bit, a girl, who actually was hot, lingered just inside the door. The man next to me said, “What about her?” Had he known I’d been insulted and decided to upgrade, significantly? Or, had he thought it amusing to watch me crash and burn only to skulk over to the lady that lost to GeeGee? Who knows, I’d only just met him.

I gave it a shot and asked her to dance. She accepted, leaving me wondering if I still knew how. I gave it my best. Definitely though, either the Dogs were off beat, or I was. In any case, we starting dating which led to marriage and us living happily ever after. Oh wait, that's a fairy tale. I did, however, end up meeting another cool guy. I seem to be pretty good at that. The four of us (I know, I left out a bit but stories are like that sometimes) ended up back at his house, having a fun, witty evening, exploring our successes and failures of life. The hot woman had a few too many men “in process” for this singles dating comfort. But still, I’d have missed some fun and conversation if I'd stayed true to GeeGee. So, maybe there’s an upside to infidelity, at least where cats and dating are concerned.

So, take it from me, get out there and bark with the dogs and maybe you could be someone special’s money, because life is fun, and that fun should be shared with more than just our cats. Happy Dating!