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Meeting for the First Time

So, you've perused all the profiles, sent some emails, and have finally hit upon what seems to be a true, mutual interest situation. You are now ready for "the meet." At this point, you are both online dating rock stars! Celebrate. Maybe even do a little happy dance because you have made it past many of the difficulties of online dating. But, what do you do now? is Classy, Tasteful, Respectable, and Professional Online Dating! I can’t believe it’s free!

Where to meet?

Most people are a bit cautious, and rightfully so, for their first meet. After all, you are basically meeting with a total stranger, with the exception of a few emails and perhaps a background check. So, a coffee shop or some other low key, populated place seems to work for most of us.Read the full article here

Giving Singles a Real Chance

Americans are good at shopping. Americans are very good at shopping. And, most Americans are also very good at shopping online. We can compare all the products and versions to find the absolute best one. We compare all the features, all the specifications of all the competing products before selecting the one which has the most bells and whistles, the least compromise. Then we do the same thing when looking for the absolute best deal to purchase that absolute best product. We are truly very good at this process. We’ve had a lot of practice. So, naturally when we look online for our match we transfer our online shopping talents to our online dating. But, is that a good idea?Read the full article here

Rude Awakening for one Single Mother

You wake up one morning…realizing you are alone. You roll back over and cover your head with that one lone pillow on your big king size bed. Now, these are the times you try to remember why you’ve chosen to be alone, why I’ve chosen to be alone. “I am happier alone because I don’t have to share my thoughts. I don’t have to take care of anyone else. I don’t have to check in. I don’t have to be intimate if I don’t feel like it. I don’t need permission to sleep in. I don’t have to worry about someone wanting me to give to them when I just do not feel like giving”. The list can be endless.

For me it’s simple. I have kids and they are my priority. They depend on me to take care of them as they grow into young adults. Maybe I choose not to date because I feel obligated to my children 24/7? Maybe I feel guilty for having a life away from my children because my choices, along with their father’s, brought them a broken home. I do, however, believe very strongly that there is a difference between giving all of yourself to your children and giving the best of yourself to them. If I don’t take the time to feel good about myself, then am I really giving them my best?Read the full article here

What are we really looking for?

Women always go for the “bad boy.” There is certainly a lot of truth in that statement, whether we like to accept it or not.. Nice guys finish last is another common phrase full of too much truth.

If we are truly looking for a partner, in life, shouldn't we choose someone who is supportive, nurturing, and will cherish who we are? Does the phrase “bad boy” conjure up images of this type of support?Read the full article here