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Online Dating - Taking Dating to the Slopes!

“You don’t like heights very much, do you?” she said, her voice showing obvious signs of humor. She had a great voice actually, and she was likely quite hot. But I wasn’t capable of looking anywhere other than straight at the back of the chairs ahead of us, as they seemed to climb straight up the mountain. Both of my arms were wrapped as tightly as possible around the back of the chair as I longed to be back on the ground where I had left my sense of humor waiting anxiously for my return. Doesn’t it seem like we modern humans could devise a better method for getting to the top of a mountain than dangling people bundled up in awkward clothing and gloves from chairs held fast to a cable with some kind of very small metal pin? This one didn’t even have a guard. How much could a guard cost? “Guards for everyone!” I desperately wanted to yell to the lift attendant, hoping it would sound cool somehow, as if I was ordering a round of drinks down at the bar. is Classy, Tasteful, Respectable, and Professional Online Dating! I can’t believe it’s free!

There really isn't anything quite as sexy as a scared man, wouldn’t you agree? The snow-bunny didn’t ask for my number. But it was pretty cold that night, and it would have been excruciating for her to take her gloves off. She was probably just going to catch me the next time around. I’m sure watching me exit the lift had to be the pinnacle of the attraction for her. I think I caught a glimpse of her skiing off the top of the hill, just as my vision cleared. Remind me again why snowboarding is considered so much cooler than skiing?

Well, if my hotness value was discounted during the whole lift thing, I certainly made up for it in the going down department. “Wow, are you ok?” asked one of the two guys that stopped in a humanitarian effort. “That looked pretty bad.” I’m sure he must have meant bad in the good sense, you know? Like, wow, you’re a bad a#%! But he did say it as I was checking my helmet for cracks. Man that was an icy corner!

After the headache receded a bit, I finished up the run with my usual demonstration of superior boarding skill, shredding the mountain, if you will. I like to show everyone the benefits of the largely underutilized method of boarding entirely on the back edge. Not everyone really gets it, you know? So they seem to end up taking nasty falls in an effort to avoid my sick, side to side, back-edge only moves. Apparently, those moves are pretty surprising.

There did seem to be a few slightly grumpy people kind of sneering at me when I got to the bar at the bottom of the slope. That happens all the time though, so I’m used to it. Not everyone can be the top dog, but they all sure want to be. I think I might have caught a glimpse of that snow-bunny again. She must have wanted to hit the slopes for another run. Or, maybe she was just sneaking outside to the parking lot to leave a cute note for me. I don’t remember seeing anything under the wiper blades though, but it was pretty windy.

Anyway, the doctor said the ankle should heal pretty quickly. So, get out on those slopes and find a snow-bunny of your own! And, if you are a lowly skier, instead of one of us cool boarder types, she’ll probably let it slide if you’re cute, and if you don’t ride the lift chair beside her. You know, just so the other cool boarders don’t tease her too much. Or, I suppose you could skip the whole broken ankle thing, join our Free Dating Site and search for a snow-bunny in our Online Dating profiles! In either case, make sure you bring a little hot cocoa along. Everything’s better with hot chocolate, don’t you think?